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Worship at St. Paul's

Liturgy (meaning 'work of the people') is what we do when we gather for worship. Our chief service liturgy is the Eucharist (Holy Communion).

Reception of Holy Communion is open to all baptized Christians, without restriction... ALL are welcome at Christ's table. Actually, you are not only welcome, but you are encouraged and invited. Please allow yourself to be nourished with the Body and Blood of Christ.

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 Every Sunday at 10 AM

The beauty and majesty of Episcopal worship is what, initially, draws many people to the Episcopal Church. The services are not "stuffy" but you will definitely feel you are in the presence of God.

Our services are "active" and include the involvement of many people as readers, Eucharistic ministers, choir members, acolytes, ushers and greeters. Even those who do not have a formal assignment are still considered participants in the service and not mere spectators.

At the same time, visitors and newcomers do not need to worry about feeling awkward or unsure of what to do. It is very easy to simply follow the congregation as to when to sit, stand, etc. Also, there is a bulletin (leaflet) that provides page and hymn numbers for those who might like to follow along in this manner.

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