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St. Paul's Search Committee

800 North “A” Street

Richmond, IN 47374










With the guidance of Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows and the diocese, St. Paul’s will be utilizing a portion of its endowment to fund the hiring of a full-time rector. This isn’t an easy thing to do. It feels a bit like jumping off a cliff. Still, we recognize that things cannot continue as they are. We love our parish and want it to thrive. So, we are taking this leap of faith!

One of the good things about these years without a priest is that the Vestry, committees, and individual members have stepped forward to keep St. Paul’s alive and kicking. We are ready, however, for a leader – someone who will recognize and nourish what we have been doing and help us discover new possibilities for the future.


On the Search Pages, you will find

  • Ministry Profile from the Vestry

  • Answers to narrative questions from the Search Committee

  • Our Goals and Challenges from the Search Committee

  • A description of life in Richmond

  • Brief introductions of the Search Committee members


Our website is under construction, so we also include here short descriptions of

  • Our Ministries

  • Our History

  • Parish Life


You are invited to see more about the parish on the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, IN Facebook page.


Responses to this search should be sent to:

The Rev. Canon Sean Cox, Transition for Congregational Development, Diocese of Indianapolis at


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Indiana, is excited to be searching for a full-time rector. Thank you for visiting our Search Pages. We hope they will provide the information you need to consider applying for the position.


We miss having a parish priest. From 2013 to 2016, we shared a priest with St. James Episcopal in New Castle, Ind., about 25 miles away. Though that arrangement did bring us closer to St. James, it also brought frustrating problems with scheduling (both weekly services and High Holy Days) and a lack of clarity about pastoral responsibilities between services. Shortly after that priest left, the search for the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Indianapolis began and that became the focus of both the diocese and the parish. For the past three years, we have been well served by a small number of excellent supply priests, but the time has come to look for a more permanent arrangement. 

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